Cable sensor and rope length transducer

The working principle of this position indication system is based on a wire winch and an electrical encoder. The system is attached to the cylinder rear end and fully protected because of its integration into the cylinder. The mechanical part of this measuring system is exposed to the working pressure in the piston chamber of the hydraulic cylinder / Nitrogen atmosphere. On end of the wire is connected to the piston the other end is winded onto a high presision spring leaded measuring drum. Cylinder stroke information is converted to a rotational information given to a multi-turn absolute encoder outside of the pressure chamber. The encoder signal is of digital SSI type (synchronous-serial interface). For signal evaluation an appropriate electronic software and / or counting device is required.

The measuring system is built up by modules which allow an interchange of single components. The electronic module can be also changed if the cylinder chamber is stands under pressure.

Technical data wire winch system

  • Measuring lenght: up to 25.000 mm
  • Mechanical precision: ± 0,05 %
  • Max. stroke speed: 4 m/s

Technical data encoder

  • Steps per revolution: 4.096 (12 Bit)
  • Number of rotations: 4.096 (12 Bit)
  • Output code: Gray
  • Interface: RS 422, SSI
  • 25.Bit: '0'
  • Monoflop time: 20
  • Code sequenz: decreasing
  • Shaft Ø x I (mm): 10 x 20
  • Electrical connection: cable 10 m

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