CIPS – HUNGER Measurement System

CIPS (Ceraplate with integrated Positioning-System)

Hydraulic cylinders with CERAPLATE coating can be equipped with the incremental transducer system CIPS. Under the coating on the piston rod grooves are placed , which width and spacing represent the scale.

One sensor with two integrated sensor elements (displace by 90 °) detect the direction of the movement and count the grooves under the coating. The sensor elements are working according to the Hall-effect and are providing rectangular output signals, which are processed by the consecutive electronic. A Phase discriminator is quadrupleing the pulses and thereby providing a four times higher density in comparison to the width of the grooves on the piston rod.

Technical Data

  • Groove width and spacing: 2 mm / 2 mm
  • Layer thickness: 300 µ m (over grid)
  • Surface finish Ra: < 0,1 µ m
  • Surface hardness: 950 HV
  • Gap between sensor and layer: 0.4 mm
  • Phase displacement of sensors: 1 mm (90 °)
  • Density of measuring system: 1 mm
  • Max. output frequency: 25 kHz
  • Max. measuring length: 20 m
  • Max. piston rod diameter: 1 m
  • Max. piston rod weight: 15 t
  • Please ask for larger diamensions

Application example

  • The sensor is fitted in a ring and protected by a stainless steel housing. By two guiding elements as well as by a mechanical spring a constant gap between the sensor haed and the rod surface is guaranteed.
  • The sensor housing is sealed again the oil chamber and the environment.
  • Sensor wiring is protected by stainless steel tubes.
  • The electric connection is carried out in a sealed clamp box (IP 68).

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