Measuring system with dipstick

Hydraulic cylinder with integrated position measuring system Measuring principle: Magnetostrictive position sensor

Most of our hydraulic cylinders can be equipped with magnetostrictive position sensors for the stroke measurement. The measure length can cover the complete cylinder stroke (up to 20 m) or a part of the stroke length only.

Beside analogue output signals (0 - 20 mA, 4 - 20 mA,-10 - +10 V, 0 - 10 V) also digital output signals (SSI, CAN-Bus, Profi- Bus) can be provided. The sensor head will be installed in the rear end cover of the cylinder with a measuring rod in the hollow cylinder piston rod.

A floating magnet, installed in the piston of the cylinder, will move over the measuring rod to create the position signal.

Sensor with electronic unit integrated in the cylinder bottom (possibly if there is no rear end eye at bottom)

Solution with sensor in rear[ cap and with rear end eye. Depending on sensor type a separate electric unit outside the cylinder has to be used.

For safety relevant systems the hydraulic cylinder can be equipped with a redundant position measuring system. In this case two independent systems are installed.

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