Ceraplate Coating

Piston rods, axles, valves and rolls may have a severely reduced life when installed in aggressive environments (eg. hydromechanical equipment, mining industry, paper mill and printing industry). In addition to conventional surface protection systems such as hardening, nitriding, hard chrome plating and nickel plating, Hunger has developed a coating technology which significantly improves surface protection against chemical attack and mechanical wear and tear: Ceraplate.

Technical facts

  • Thermically sprayed Ni/Cr base Layer and Cr2CO3/TiO2 top layer
  • Layer thickness: base layer approx. 150 μm / top layer approx. 200 μm
  • Hardness of top layer 950 HV to 1.050 HV
  • Surface superfinished to Ra = 0,15 μm
  • For piston rods up to a diameter of 1,500 mm and an length of 20 m


  • Increased resistance to corrosion and chemical attack and increased resistance to abrasive an ersive wear and tear (Corrosion test according to DIN EN ISO 9227, 1,500 hours)

Fields of application

  • Hydraulic cylinders requiring increased corrosion protection in general machine engineering, hydromechanical engineering, casting machines, printing industry, chemical industry, etc.

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