Dr.-Ing. E. h. Walter Hunger

Patents and Honors

The honorary doctorate, the Federal Cross of Merit, over 200 patents and industrial property rights, the Philip Morris Prize – to name just a few examples – document the innovative strengths of Dr.-Ing. E.h. Walter Hunger.

Improvisation, research and development as well as entrepreneurial spirit are the main features of his life. His inventions have resulted in more than 200 patents which have 
been incorporated into highly specialized products. There is cooperation with the 
universities and other institutes, with degree dissertations and doctoral theses awarded and supported.

Innovations and inventions clearly show the orientation towards environmental protection and environmental compatibility. In 1995 Walter Hunger received the BDI environmental protection prize for industry in the category of Environmentally Compatible Products for the patented, maintenance-free semi-trailer coupling. In 1991 Chemnitz 
University of Technology awards him his 
honorary doctorate for his outstanding services in the fields of production and in the 
hydraulics engineering.

For his work and entrepreneurial commitment in the reconstruction of the former East German states the Bavarian State Parliament awards him the Federal Cross of Merit in 1996. In 2004 the Indian Hydropower Association (INHA) honors Dr.-Ing. E. h. Walter Hunger for his expertise and experience in hydraulic steel structures.

Family Company with Tradition

Dr. Walter Hunger's continuous striving to manufacture technically sophisticated 
products of the highest level of quality has led to the creation of a group of medium-
sized companies.

The background to this has always been his wish that his five children should one day join the company for which they have received a commercial and technical education.

His son Armin and daughter Gisela join the company in 1974. Today Armin lives in the USA, where he manages the local subsidiary. Gisela leaves the firm in 1979. Two years 
later his daughter Ingrid joins the company, from where she still controls the fate of the Hunger Group today. As the Chief Executive Officer and authorized signatory she is fully committed to the firm and is a guarantor that Walter Hunger's life's work will be 
continued in the future.

Just in time for Dr. Walter Hunger's 80th birthday his youngest son Jan joins the 
management of the company. He studied mechanical engineering as well as industrial engineering and management, and worked for four years in a management consultancy firm.

So there is a fresh breeze blowing in the Hunger family business. Dr. Walter Hunger has achieved his goal by simultaneously handing over his company to two younger generations of the family. And following them are now five grandsons, three of whom are already studying mechanical engineering or business administration, certain to have entrepreneurial blood in their veins.

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