Surface superfinishing by honing

  • Internal and external honing machines
  • Vertical honing machines up to 8 m machining length
  • Horizontal honing machines up to 25 m machining length
  • High quality performance with surface finish of Ra = 0.15 µ m
  • Good productivity with material removal rates up to 1 kg / min in steel
  • Standard honing stone tools with dovetail guidings
  • Hunger ceramics and diamond honing stones (Hunger Schleifmittel GmbH SMG)

Honing - definition according to VDI 3220
"Honing is the machining with a multicut tool of combined grain, under permanent surface touching between work piece and tools for the improvement of dimension, form and surface of pre-machined work pieces. Between tool and work piece a change in direction of the length movement takes place. The obtained surfaces show parallel, criss crossing grooves."

Even though it is meant primarily for the super and final finishing, the honing was developed by Hunger into a real machining procedure. The main reason is the further developed honing stones and honing machines. With the special Hunger honing stones we achieve abrasion performances up to 1 kg of steel per minute in rough honing on our honing machines.

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