Hunger Drive

With electrohydraulic axes, the physical advantages of hydraulics such as compact design, high force density and wear resistance are extended by simple installation and good energy efficiency as well as control via software.

They have become established with various manufacturers in recent years.

However, the available electrohydraulic compact axes are mainly suitable for automation tasks or use in machine tools due to their limited rated power.

In contrast, the HungerDrive developed by Hunger Hydraulik starts at a nominal force of 2,500 kN, whereby - true to the motto: #howbigdoyouwantit - even much higher nominal loads can be considered. 

Main Features

Electro hydraulic drive system with cylinder control through a variable speed pump
• Designed as a compact unit with top mounted components or with decentralized components
• For applications with high dynamic and accuracy requirements
• High energy efficiency
• No hydraulic interfaces during installation
• Integrated position and pressure / load controller

Technical Parameters

• Nominal cylinder pushing force from 2.000 kN to 10.000 kN
• Hydraulic cylinder piston diameter range from 340 mm to 800 mm (other sizes on request)
• Hydraulic cylinder stroke length from 2m to 15m (other sizes on request)
• Hydraulic peak pressure up to 250 bar
• For open and closed loop hydraulic circuits
• Available power range: 5 kW to 200 kW nominal (7,5 kw to 300 kW peak)

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