Equipment for Steel works

Precision meets a tough application

High temperatures and extreme conditions in the steel production – Hunger cylinders nevertheless work with extreme accurancy!

Hydraulic equipment is used in steelworks due to the high density of forces and its robustness. Roller adjusting cylinders for example can reach a piston diameter of more than 1 m, whereby in addition to the high forces control accurancies of a few hundredth millimetre are required.

Ladle Turret Cylinders
Steel mills use ladle turret cylinders for the handling of the molten steel. Beside the high reliability and safety requirements, these cylinders have to withstand the high environmental temperatures. Since many years the cylinders prove their worth and have been produced in various scales and different types, with joint bearing, with ball joint and with con rod. The seal and bearing elements of the Hunger DFE GmbH are co-ordinated with the operational conditions in steel mills.

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