Powerplant Equipment

Hydro Electric Power Stations
For the turbine intake gates of hydroelectric power plants hydraulic cylinders are required which can guarantee a reliable load hold function but can also interrupt the water flow at a high speed, to prevent a breakdown of the turbine.

Beside the production of new hydraulic cylinders we can also offer refurbishments and modernizations. For the “Iron Gate” hydroelectric power plant at the river Danube in Romania for example the approximately 30 years old hydraulic cylinders of the turbine intake gates were completely refurbished. On this occasion the original piston rods were refurbished with the Ceraplate rod coating and the cylinder design was changed to Hunter seal and guiding elements.

Hydraulic Transport of Slurry and Fluid Combustion Products
The hydraulic transport is used for the handling of combustion products from thermal power stations, including ash materials from fludized-bed boilers and waste desulfurization products, to disposal areas and deposit sites. The slurry preparation respectively the slurry of the ash material by means of water happens in a mixing centre and is afterwards transfered to the pump station, consisting of two chamber hydrohoists. The mixture is pumped directly to the deposit site via a pipeline route.

Technical data
Thermal power station Starobeschewo, Ukraine (example).

  • Medium pumped: Suspension of fluidized bed ashes and water
  • Density of mixture: 1.350 - 1.600 kg / m3
  • Delivery rate: 90 - 145 t / h max. 210 m3 / h (slurry)
  • max. delivery pressure: 10 MPa
  • Length of transport pipeline: 4.500 m

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