UltraplatePlus Coating

The UltraplatePlus coating is the next level of our well-tried Ultraplate coating for the use in offshore-applications.UltraplatePlus guarantees a lifelong corrosion protectection, also in the splash zone or for permanently submerged piston rods. The coating will be applied by laser cladding. The UltraplatePlus layer is impermeable, pore free and shows an extremely high adhesion to the substrate material.

Technical facts

  • Laser welding technology for stainless steel layers
  • Laser-welding machine for piston rods up to 1000 mm diameter and 25 m lengths
  • Computer controlled welding parameters
  • Online process control
  • Single layer and multiple layers of different materials possible
  • High quality welding powder with certificate
  • Internal and external control of coating properties (independent test institute)


  • Homogenous and completely non-porous layer
  • Low dilution of substrate and protective layer
  • Extremely high resistance to corrosion an chemical attack (Corrosion test according to ASTM G48, 35° C)

Fields of application

  • Hydraulic cylinders requiring high resistance against corrosion in offshore, hydromechanical engineering, power plants, chemical industry, etc.

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